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November 18th, 2017

4 Tips For Taking Your Man Sledding

With another sled season upon us, it is safe to assume that we have a problem. Ladies everywhere are once again juggling the delicate life balance; how to spend more time on the snow with the girls while also appeasing the needs of their husbands at home. At heart, most men are simply looking to spend quality time with their women. It’s time to encourage the terrified man in your life out of the basement and out onto the slopes to share your passion this winter. Here are some tips for taking your man sledding.


take your man sledding


Taking Your Man Sledding – Tip #1 – Choosing the Right Sled

Looks are important. Go for a wrap he will enjoy that really screams, “I am man, hear me roar.” Metallics and skulls were hot at the sled shows this fall. Make sure to get your beau a short track, small paddle, beginner snowmobile. It should have lots of compression so he has an opportunity to get that triceps work out in.


take your man sledding


Tip #2 – Unloading at the Staging Area

You may want to just do this for your man. That way he can sneak into the woods to pee before climbing into the new monosuit you surprised him with for his birthday last year. He will likely also get distracted catching up on parking lot gossip with the other husbands. So, if you plan on getting first tracks, accept that you will have to take care of this part yourself.


take your man sledding


Tip #3 – Riding

Start your plus-one off right. Head straight for your favorite piece of steep or treed terrain to let him get a sense of what sledding is all about. Nothing builds character more than learning how to get yourself unstuck. When the inevitable emotional breakdown occurs, let him cool off alone on the side of the trail while the girls demonstrate how easy sledding actually is.

The best advice in times like these is often, “Use more throttle,” and, “Turn your bars the opposite way you want to go.” When all else fails, be sure to show your support by helping him take shirtless selfies beside a booter the ladies have built, or mashing the throttle down for a classic #tipsuptuesday Insta-blast to help increase his followers (and self-esteem).

Remember, the truck ride home is a great opportunity to itemize things Bae did wrong. That way he knows how to step up his game the next time the girls may invite him out.


take your man sledding


Tip #4 – Safety

Since your man is not a big mountain rider, it can be assumed he will not have a valuable opinion to contribute here. Fortunately, this means you can forgo involving him in terrain choices or decision making for the day. This will sidestep the potential for a disagreement based on a difference of opinion. Since he will not be high-marking like the girls, your sweetheart will not need any companion rescue equipment or avalanche training. Count your blessings as this is a great opportunity to save money which you can spend on sled parts instead. Be sure to show him how tampons can be used for emergency fire starters or to stop a nosebleed in the backcountry.

Best of luck out there this winter ladies! #bitchesbebraapin




Nicole is the co-owner and resident powder princess of Elk Valley Snow Shepherds in Fernie, BC. 

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