May 26th, 2017

Arctic Man: Alaska Ski/Snowmobile Race

Red Bull Media House presents “Arctic Man” 


Every April, thousands of snowmobile enthusiasts converge on Paxson, Alaska for 5 days of camping, partying and riding. Think spring break, Burning Man and a freeriding trip to the Glamis dunes wrapped into one experience in the Alaskan backcountry. The weeklong event is built around a ski and snowmobile team race that started with a drunken bet over 30 years ago. Today, the event is known as “Arctic Man.”  Watch as 2016 event champions Daron Rahlves and Levi Lavallee take to the track for one of the most badass winter competitions in the world.


Arctic Man


What is it?

“The concept for the racing is pretty simple. A skier or snowboarder starts at the top of mountain number one, descends into a canyon where they grab a tow rope fixed to the back of their teammates’ snowmobile. From there, they get pulled up mountain number two and race across a plateau, reaching speeds up to 90 mph. The skier then sling shots himself off the plateau and down the final descent to the finish line. Fastest time wins.” – Red Bull


Here’s a video that helps explain the race as well as some of the other activities that go on during the week:


The race from the perspective of Lavallee and Rahlves


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