September 11th, 2016

BC Snowmobile Clubs Unite

On April 25th 2015, the Association of British Columbia Snowmobile Clubs (ABC) voted to dissolve their society and gift their assets to the British Columbia Snowmobile Federation (BCSF). 


This effectively ended a nine-year run where two governing bodies of snowmobile clubs existed and often competed with each other on similar issues. At the meeting, the ABC voted to let each of their eighteen existing clubs to decide individually on whether on not they want to join the BCSF or become independent clubs.  

If all the ABC clubs were to join the BCSF then snowmobiling would once again have a unified voice from which to lobby its interests with. The anticipated membership numbers of the BCSF would most likely grow to exceed six thousand people for the 15/16 season. The BCSF’s main political agenda is to keep riding areas open and to raise the profile of snowmobiling as a family friendly sport, while also providing many infrastructure support mechanisms for local clubs.  BCSF staff recently sat at the table while the new ORV (Off Road Vehicle) legislation was created and lobbied for the rights to cross roads (similar to other provinces), which can link trails, the ability to use right of ways on roads and so that stickers and not plates could be put on our machines.

Joining a local BCSF chapter by purchasing a membership contributes to supporting the BCSF’s efforts and the greater good of the sport.



– TIm Grey