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October 14th, 2018

Boondockers Fifteen Film Review

When the snow isn’t great at home, it’s time to hit the road; and that’s just what the crew in Boondockers Fifteen did. An exceptionally low snow year prompted the Boondockers riders to search for adventure in new locations. And—as usual—they found it.

Boondockers Fifteen features athletes Adam Onasch, Kris “Smasher” Kaltenbacher, Dan Gardiner, Eric Woog, Geoff “Phatty” Dyer, Brock Berry, Ryan Nelson, Aaron Case, Cody Case, Ryan Searle, Anthony Oberti, Kim Onasch, Jesse O’Rourke, Justin Cowett, Shane Kynaston, Zak Collings, Christian Koenig, Rick Barker, Nick Reedy and some well-known others such as Brock Butters and Stephen Darcy for example. The film is produced by Dan Gardiner, Andrew McCarthy and Justin Cowett. Dave Napier is the Executive Producer.


Boondockers 15 Film Review

The films opens with a narrative that explains the situation in early last winter in the Boondockers’ home state of Utah—brutally low snow conditions. A shot from the year before showing epically deep early-season conditions that had the boys launching big drops is contrasted with a January 2018 drone shot of what looks like the same area with barely more than a skiff on it.

No matter, as those who follow the Boondockers crew know that they will find a way to make it happen. Even if that involves more repairs and shop time than usual! And they guys do take some hits in the first segment, which focuses on early season meadow and open tree riding.


The Search for Snow

In the New Year, the crew is forced to head north, driving sometimes ten hours in a weekend just to get to decent snow. But Idaho, Wyoming and Montana deliver. Stephen Darcy—who been quiet on the scene the last couple of years—joins up with the guys to show he’s still got it. And with some decent snow, the guys are able to start pushing it up some signature creek lines. Bring on the storms!

Despite all the time behind the wheel, it’s worth it for the Boondockers. Bluebird powder days ensue. They guys start logging some air miles, and we get a fresh reminder that Aaron Case is an absolute animal, as he drops some monster cliffs. Eric Woog tags along for some deep pow, and his VOHK-tuned sled looks unstoppable.

Boondockers Fifteen

Aaron Case is a savage beast!

By this point in the film it becomes evident that they fellas have used less POV footage than they did in Boondockers Fourteen, and replaced it with some really nice drone footage instead. The drone footage doesn’t feel overdone, and certainly adds a nice perspective of some of the terrain the riders shred in the film.

Boondockers Fifteen

Drone footage offers unique angles that really help showcase some of the terrain challenged in the film.

Boondockers Fifteen

Don’t worry, there is still some POV footage peppered throughout.

Utah Comes Around

By late February, the Utah snowpack is finally starting to provide better riding opportunities. And the Boondockers’ backyard has some really interesting terrain to explore when the snow is sufficient. There are deep canyons, tons of rocky features, steep trees and even some open patches up high. They fellas shred everything in sight, and it really highlights the impressive ability level of all the riders.

One absolutely incredible looking burned-forest alpine zone really stands out in particular. The guys get it fresh under bluebird skies, and it looks like they had one hell of a day there.

No matter how bad it gets, it wouldn’t be winter in Utah if there weren’t at least a couple of neck-deep powder days. Even though last year was mostly a bust in the state, there were a couple of epic days and the Boondockers were there to enjoy and capture them on film. There’s nothing technical about riding deep powder descent lines, but somehow they are still mesmerizing to watch.

Boondockers Fifteen

Utah finally delivers in classic fashion!

Boondockers on Snow Bikes

The Boondockers crew takes out some snow bikes! And it’s pretty hilarious when Smasher ends up in a creek in the first few moments of the ride. Hey, these guys are human after all! But Brock Buttars is there to show what the machines are really capable of, and it looks like the mostly first-timers had a great day cruising around and trying them out.

Boondockers Fifteen

Thankfully Brock Buttars was there the show the guys how it’s done.

Boondockers Fifteen

The take-home message from Boondockers Fifteen is that the best thing about mountain sledding is the experience of taking on adventure with your friends. You don’t need deep snow for that. Road trips, new locations and different ways to access the backcountry are all part of that shared experience, and that’s what comes across in Boondockers Fifteen.


– MS

Boondockers Fifteen is available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Vimeo, as well as on DVD and Blu-ray.

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