May 15th, 2015

Cody Borchers — Season recap


The top athletes in any sport have a certain expectation to perform, even if it is mostly pressure that they put on themselves to do so. This winter’s conditions would not have made it any easier for the sponsored guys to deliver at such a high level, but Cody Borchers shows us that if you stay positive and make the most out of it, you can walk away feeling great about a season with less-than-stellar conditions. And that’s a great reminder for the rest of us, whose only expectation should be to get out there and have a little fun. – MS


“Well, after last year’s kneecap injury, I didn’t want to put any pressure on myself to charge it—just more ride for fun and enjoy every day on the snow.

With the snow conditions being a challenging factor at the beginning, you really had to tread lightly in the early parts of the winter and avoid those oh so tempting lumps of snow that we all love to smash and jump off! But it always seemed we could find those pockets of snow to disappear into!




As the season rolled on with some serious dry spells—that left us wondering if beautiful winter was ever going to come back—it was quickly becoming a patience tester. Then it was raining to the top, making it hard to find good snow conditions without any traction after the snow iced up.




When things started to reset with fresh snow and the temperature warming up, it sparked the confidence to stretch the wings and try out the suspension!




With my bigger jumps feeling good, it was time to start playing with freestyle tricks!

Having some freestyle tricks under my belt, there wasn’t much more I wanted to do than hit everything and try to hang on by a fingertip! The feeling of barely hanging on is so much fun.




Now as we rolled into spring I started wrapping up my video parts for 509 Volume 10 and Slednecks 18, and it was all about keeping it fun and finishing off the season strong and in one piece… hahahaha!!




It was a complete success and a great feeling on my end. It has been a few years since I have had a full season under my belt, and I am stoked to end the 2014/15 strong and motivated for next winter.

I couldn’t do all this without all the amazing companies that stand behind me. RIDERZ, I can’t thank you enough for all you do for me—it is an amazing dealership to work and ride for. 509 for keeping my vision clear, and my head safe with your killer helmets and goggles. Slednecks for always keeping me dry and looking fresh. Enzo Canada for making the handling of my sled on-point. Eco-Flex, FXR, HTR, Atlas, and Highmark by Snowpulse. Thank you.”




Till next time,


– Cody