April 13th, 2015

Cory Davis Season Recap

Hey Folks! Cory Davis checking in, to give you all a little recap of my winter.

It started off with a disappointing early season, living in a place where 10 years ago manufacturers would come to Alaska early season and test snowmobiles, to this year where some zones never even opened!

I left the state and headed to Minnesota to grab my new sleds for the winter from Arctic Cat. After picking up the sleds, I went to Christian Brothers race shop and built the sleds, adding a mod kit from Speedwerx.



Cory’s sleds getting tuned up for the upcoming season.



Next stop was Yakima, WA to train with Joe Parsons and Heath Frisby. We slammed a good amount of training into just two weeks, then were off to Aspen for X Games. I competed in two events; Speed & Style and Long Jump. I ended up with a Bronze in Speed & Style and a Silver in Long Jump, so it was a great year for me at X.


Cory waving to the crowd during his Bronze medal run at X.

Cory waving to the crowd during his Bronze medal run at X.




After X, I had a very short period of time to get back to Minnesota and get the Iron Dog sleds ready and get back to AK. A few long and stressful nights and off I was, back to AK to prep for Iron Dog.




Iron Dog was extremely tough this year, with a very, very low snow year. Along with a lot of open water, it made for a particularly difficult race. We had a couple of tough breaks, including a full motor rebuild, a sunk and hydro-locked sled and finally, a race-ending motor failure due to sinking the sled. Definitely not the way we were hoping for our race to go. But my old man ended up in second place, which was freaking awesome!

And finally, my favorite time of is in front of me—freeriding! I’m currently just busy chasing blue skies and snow, doing a little filming and just enjoying the mountains. I hope everyone got out and enjoyed some good riding this winter!










– Cory