October 27th, 2010

Edmonton Snow Show

So what’s hot?  First thing that comes to mind is the Polaris presence.  If the machine lives up to the HUGE hype it’s getting it could be a funny turn in the industry.  If it doesn’t… YIKES.  Other then Polaris the next big thing was Airbags.  It was AWESOME to see so many air bags on people back roaming around the show.  Now if we can convince all of these people that they are NOT a replacement for a beacon we’d be set… hahaha.  I mean seriously, an airbag won’t save your friends now will it?
Next on the list of cool factors was CR Racing.  Now call me foolish, but these guys are on the top of my list every season.  Chad slays it every year with amazing creations and fit and finish that is second to none.  
Another custom shop that had some really cool sleds was Diamond S with their Nypex’s.  For those junkies that love horse power this sled is for you… SERIOUSLY… and they look badass too.
Next on the list was Thunderstruck.  They had to be the busiest booth as far as videos went.  NUTS!  Not sure if it was Jim (Phelan) or the drop dead gorgeous gals he had working for him.  Left me speechless…  I’d buy a movie just to talk to them.
Good old Crazy Canadian was there as well looking quite dapper I must day.  Was a side to Dan I’d never seen before.  Got to say I was pretty impressed with his mild manner and clean looks.  Turn for the better!!
CFR was in the house showing off some new inventions and improvements to the old design.  The all new ski/snowboard two in one bracket system is perfect for all of you who nag and say I wish I could have both… There ya go.  Done and done.  Yes it’s expensive, and YES it works better then anything you could ever make by yourself.  Trust me.  CFR is the answer!