July 30th, 2018

Elka Suspension Releases Coil-Over Conversion Kit for Ski-Doo Summit

Elka Suspension has come up with an alternative rear shock kit design that eliminates the need for stock torsion springs in the stock Ski-Doo Summit suspension. It’s their coil-over conversion kit, and it utilizes their Stage 4 or Stage 5 coil-over shock, along with a linkage component.

See the Elka Suspension press release below:


Elka Suspension Releases Coil-Over Conversion Kit for Ski-Doo Summit

(Boucherville, QC) July 19th, 2018 – Elka Suspension is announcing the release of a new coil-over conversion kit for the rear suspension on Ski-Doo’s Summit platform. These new kits combine a linkage component and a dedicated coil-over rear skid shock absorber that allow the removal of the stock torsion springs, unleashing the full potential of the T-Motion geometry while achieving weight reduction and more selection in terms of spring rate.


Elka Coil-Over Conversion Kit Ski-Doo Summit


Building upon an already great design, Elka engineers have designed a bracket that not only permits the removal of the torsion springs, but also improves the geometry by providing an optimal transition of the leverage ratio throughout the suspension travel. The result is increased traction and hookup that helps the sled climb on top of the snow while having a plush bottom-less feel deeper into the travel. Removal of the torsion springs also eliminates the resistance that prevents proper movement of the skid while side-hilling, allowing the track to conform to the terrain and snow.

These conversion kits are available with either their popular Stage 4 shock (preload, rebound and compression adjustments) or their top-of-the-line Stage 5 shock (preload, rebound and dual high/low-speed compression adjustments). They are compatible with the 2017-2019 Summit models and will work in conjunction with a stock or Elka center shock.