October 24th, 2016

First Ride Whistler

We’ve been getting pounded with rain in Whistler and Pemberton but that has equated to big dumps up high. The problem has been access…unless someone has a key to a gate to get to the snow.

There were about 10 of us. The stoke was high and our sleds were ready to rip! As soon as we got into the alpine, Brody Fourchaulk and Austin Christopher were looking at a step down. It seemed a little boney to me for a big air but these guys are hungry! Eventually, the call was made not to hit that one just yet. It’s a bit thin for landing 60’ step downs.

image002Everyone was ripping around and Brody was chasing us with his Phantom 4. There was some pond skimming and other funny antics going down. Then Austin found a wind lip to hit. He started pounding the lip trying to get his sled around for a 180 and he finally got one! Pretty ballsy riding considering there were rocks 3 feet away from where he was landing! He was putting on a good show for everyone until his sled landed upside down and snapped his steering post off. Don’t worry though, I towed him out on my Polaris. 😉  


We had one more wounded sled as Brody tagged a rock after skimming the pond and broke his ski. Other than that, we were damage free. Just a heads up, I wouldn’t drive here to ride just yet. We need more snow down low to access the goods up high. 

All in all it was a wicked first day shredding pow in October! I can’t wait to see what Mother Nature brings to Whistler this winter! 


Check @ride_whistler for  more pics and videos from our ride.

 – Chris Brown, Ride Whistler Adventures