Gear Review: 509 Carbon Fiber Altitude helmet with Fidlock

Gear Review: 509 Carbon Fiber Helmet with Fidlock


The Carbon Fiber Altitude helmet is 509’s top-of-the-line dome protector for 2016/17 and is available in enough colour options to match with any outerwear you may already own. As expected from a premier line of helmets, the Carbon Fiber Altitude is lightweight and strong; weighing in at just 2.9 pounds, ther helmet meets or exceeds DOT and ECE 2205 certification standards.

Finding the perfect size is not an issue as 509 offers eight different sizes utilizing three different shells to ensure a perfect fit. The foam inside our test helmet did pack out a little after fifteen or so rides, so shoppers should lean towards a snug fit out of the box when choosing the correct size.



The 509 Carbon Fiber Altitude helmet comes well designed with good venting, neck-brace ready shell and, best of all, lightweight construction.


A Helmet with Fidlock

What is Fidlock? Good question. Fidlock is a revolutionary magnetic helmet strap innovation that is only available on the 509 Carbon Fiber Altitude (and the Black Ops style of Altitude) helmets.

The Fidlock utilizes a magnetic fastener that is DOT and ECE approved, ensuring a secure connection even on those deep pow days when there is snow absolutely everywhere.


Carbon Fiber Altitiude Fidlock

FIdlock makes securing the helmet super easy and fast. No more feeding straps through buckles with frozen fingers.


The 509 Altitude Carbon Fiber is the first and only helmet in the snowmobile industry to utilize the Fidlock system. Fiddling with frozen straps or snaps with cold fingers is no longer necessary. Even with gloves on, the Fidlock system is easily opened with one hand by pulling on the red strap located on the magnetic fastener. Despite all the great features of this helmet, Fidlock is the one that helps 509’s helmet standout from other carbon fiber helmet options out there.



Extra Features

Included with the helmet is a universal camera mount that fits into the top of the visor; it’s good for documenting wheelies, pow turns or 47 minutes of digging out of an epic stuck.

The venting on the Carbon Fiber helmet allowed adequate air flow on slushy, spring test days last season, but still did a good job of keeping snow out. With a thin balaclava and the breath box installed, the helmet was been plenty warm enough on the really cold days so far this season.

Of course 509 helmets were designed to fit best with 509 goggles, but it is possible to use other brands.


Any goggle will do, but of course 509's goggle lineup is specifically designed to work in conjunction with 509 helmets.

Any goggle will do, but of course 509’s goggle lineup is specifically designed to work in conjunction with 509 helmets.


Here’s some more technical info on the helmet, straight from 509 itself.



In conclusion, the 509 Carbon Fiber Helmet is tough to beat. Sure, it’s expensive, but you get what you pay for. In this case, that is an incredibly lightweight helmet with all the best safety features and—best of all—a fast and easy to use fastening device that you won’t find anywhere else.


— MS