Gear Review: Ice Age Rails


IceAge Perfomance Rails

Sledding is getting out of control these days. Huge cliff drops, tech lines in the trees and big jumps are all bridging the gap between what used to be a ski line and what used to be a sled line. The more capable the new machines are getting the more they are being pushed. A new weak link will always be found even when the OEM tweaks and fixes an old one. Lightweight rails on a stock machine are bound to be tested. Enter IceAge Performance Rails.


Rails take an absolute pounding

Rails take an absolute pounding, from whoops on the trail to hidden rocks/stumps and all the gaps, drops and jumps in between. Especially on those 174s.

There are not many options in the aftermarket but Ice Age has solutions for every OEM manufacturer to fix the ‘noodle rail’ problem.


IceAge Performance Rails


What can I say about how they ride? I didn’t notice a difference at all in the way that they rode.

But what you will notice is that they stay a helluva lot straighter than your stock rails. I had no idea how bent my rails were until I started unbolting them from the skid—and I’m sure a lot of you are in the same boat.

I can say that they are a pretty simple install that you can do yourself with some basic tools and an evening in the shop. These things are pretty much plug ‘n’ play. Check out the video below.


[youtube width=”730″ height=”410″][/youtube]



— Colin