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Mammut Barryvox S & Barryvox Avalanche Transceiver Video Review

New for Winter 2018, Mammut has released the Barryvox S & Barryvox Avalanche Transceiver. These new transceivers replace the Mammut Pulse and Element transceivers respectively.


Mammut Barryvox S & Barryvox Avalanche Transceiver Review

Here’s our take on the new beacons, which at the time of publication were not yet available for purchase in North America. Our demonstration uses a couple of pre-production, prototype models. Both the Barryvox S and Barryvox will be available in time for the 2017/2018 winter season.

Some key improvements include an increased 70m search strip width, which can improve search times. Also, the interface on both transceivers has been completely redesigned to help simplifying searching technique in a rescue scenario. Combined, these improvements should drastically affect search and rescue times.




Barryvox Avalanche Transceiver-2


Barryvox S Avalanche Transceiver


Barryvox Avalanche Transceiver-2


— MS



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