Behind-the-Scenes: 2018 Arctic Cat Reveal

Arctic Cat dealers from across North America gathered in Minnesota last night to check out the latest product offerings in the Arctic Cat 2018 lineup. Here’s out behind-the-scenes look at the event.


Behind-the-Scenes: Arctic Cat 2018 Reveal


Mountain Cat

The biggest draw for dealers of mountain sleds had to be the 2018 Mountain Cat. It’s the most badass unit to roll out of Thief River Falls. Arctic Cat stuck to its green and black colourway on this model, but it still stands apart visually from the 2017 edition.


Arctic Cat 2018




The FOX FLOAT 3 Evol shocks from 2017 have been replaced up front by FOX FLOAT 3 QS3 shocks for a more adjustable ride. You can quickly switch between three specifically calibrated ride control settings, even with gloves on.




Also new for the rear suspension is an upgrade to FOX FLOAT QS3 front track shock and FOX FLOAT 3 QSL rear track shock.




8000 C-TEC2

The big news is the new 800-class 2-stroke engine built in-house by Arctic Cat. It pushes out a claimed 160-ish horsepower, which ride tests have shown to be very similar in output to the Suzuki built 800cc powerplant of 2017 and older models. However, the 8000 C-TEC2 does have plenty of advantages, the biggest of which is vastly improved responsiveness, as noted by test riders.




The engine, which uses dual stage injection, is claimed to reduce oil consumption by as much as 30%. Torque is increased by 36% in the low-end and 18% in midrange.




ZR 200 Youth Sled


Arctic Cat looks to the future with the ZR 200. The new, youth-sized sled sports a 200cc 9hp 4-stroke engine. That doesn’t sound like a lot of power, but it’s enough to cook along at nearly 50km/h top speed. That means you can actually take your youngster on a legitimate trail ride without leaving them in your dust.






Imagine you had this much room under the hood to wrench on your Mountain Cat? That’d be sweet. There’s no 8000 C-TEC2 here though! Sorry kids.




While the ZR 200 doesn’t sport TEAM Rapid clutches like on Daddy’s sled, the CVT will keep junior humming along nicely on the trail or in the soft snow.





Big thanks to Aaron from Mountain Motorsports in Golden, BC for the behind-the-scenes photos from the Arctic Cat 2018 dealer reveal. Check out Mountain Motorsports for your Arctic Cat spring order! More info on the Arctic Cat 2018 lineup can be found at Arctic Cat.



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