2018 Arctic Cat Snowmobiles Reveal

Arctic Cat spilled most of the beans about its new offerings in an early release of its 2018 M 8000 Series sleds—the workhorse of the mountain segment. But on the officially planned reveal day there were still a couple of surprises, including a new youth sled; for the most part however, the best features of the 2018 Arctic Cat mountain lineup were already known.

The wait is over for the direction injection C-TEC 8000 engine. It’s here for 2018. Here’s a recap of the 800cc powerplant and all the other new technology and innovation available in Arctic Cat’s 2018 offering of mountain sleds.


2018 Arctic Cat Reveal


8000 C-TEC2 Engine

Arctic Cat has finally brought its C-TEC dual-stage injection technology to the 800cc class. While no one would argue that the Suzuki 800 powerplant of old was lacking in horsepower, the new Arctic Cat developed 8000 C-TEC2 engine produces just as much or more output, along with a few significant advantages.

First and perhaps most importantly, the 8000 C-TEC produces a much snappier response than the old Suzuki built 800. Improved low- and mid-range torque is really noticeable, according to riders who have tested the new engine.


2018 Arctic Cat


Direct injection technology used by the engine offers a few key benefits. It increases peformance and fuel economy, while reducing emissions. Fuel is injected not only at the top of the cylinder, but also at the bottom along with some oil, which helps lubricate the wrist pin bearings. Oil consumption is reduced by as much as 30%.

An electronic fuel pump helps maximize efficiency by measuring and delivering the right amount of oil based on RPM and altitude.



M Series Improvements

The M Series has been brought up-to-date with all the latest innovation and technology that was only available on the 2017 spring check Mountain Cat last year.


3″ Track on Sno Pro Sleds

Finally the 3″ lugged track is available as an in-season option on Arctic Cat’s Sno Pro sleds. The Mountain Drive System as it is called, consists of a drop and rolled drive shaft that is lowered by 1.125″ to accommodate the larger paddle. The system uses 8 tooth drivers and offered a lowererd angle of approach, which proved to be very effective at helping the 2017 Mountain Cat get on top of deep snow.


2018 Arctic Cat

M 8000 Sno Pro comes in 153″ and 162″ track lengths with an orange and black colour motif.



Narrower Body Panels and Running Boards

Running Boards are narrrowed by 1″ and the body panels have been redesigned to reduce width by 10%. These features are old news for owners of the 2017 Mountain Cat, but prospective buyers of 2018 Sno Pro and M models will be happy to see these handling improvements available on more than just the most premium spring-only models.


2018 Arctic Cat

The M 8000 in 153″ x 2.6″ track is looking good in green and black.




Mountain Cat

The Mountain Cat is Arctic Cat’s premiere mountain sled, and it’s available again in 2018. This is the sled that all Arctic Cat riders would love to have parked in their garage. Owners of the 2017 Mountain Cat will tell you that it’s the best sled they’ve ever ridden straight out of the box, and for that reason not much—with a few key exceptions—has changed for the 2018 model.

Besides the addition of the new 8000 C-TEC2 engine, only the suspension package has been changed. Fox Float 3 shocks have been upgraded in the front and front rear shocks with Fox Float 3 QS3 shocks. The QS3 units have a quick and easy dial system that allows the rider to control the ride characteristics by switching between three pre-calibrated settings, even with gloves on.

While Arctic Cat has updated the look of the Mountain Cat slightly, it’s not that far different from the 2017 model. The green/black colourway of the 2017 model is still there, but at least it can be said that the 2018 model is different enough to be visually distinct.


2018 Arctic Cat


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