I get asked all the time in my store what boots are the best?  My response is what boot is best for you?  How do you ride?  What are you looking for in a boot?  Do you use them for other things other then snowmobiling?

I personally use HMK boots, lace up ones at that.  I am an ankle support guy coming from the snowboard industry and I’m use to the “Stiff Boot” that many of my customers try to avoid.  KLIM does a really nice job of using thin “work boot” styling that so many are use to, but still keep your feet warm and dry.  Motorfist is very similar doing a really nice job of protecting the toe box with multiple layers of rubber.  FXR is giving HMK a good run for the money these days producing a very competitive product!  With quick lacing systems and taking advantage of the “Boa” system like HMK, it is more about which company you want to support as the product isn’t much different in feel.
HMK still takes the cake for me with serious technical features like Intuition liners (self moulding and wicking), along with a Vibram soles (tuff as nails), optional Boa system and the list goes on.  They also have a large toe box for lost of toe movement to keep those puppies warm.

That’s my 2cents on boots.  Lots of options and lots of styles.  All great for different people and their expectations of boots!


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