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How to Summerize Your Sled – Tech Tip

In this video, Aaron shows you how to summerize your sled, along with why it's a good idea to properly prepare your sled for storage in the summer months.


I get asked all the time in my store what boots are the best?  My response is what boot is best for you?  How do you ride?

BCA BC-Link Radios

Check out BCA's new BC-Link VHF radios!  A sweet new way to communicate in the Backcountry!!

InReach by Hangfire Avalanche Training

Ryan Johannesen from Hangfire Avalanche Training stopped by and gave us the "ins and outs" of his InReach from DeLorme.

Kim slaying a YZ250 Timbersled

Check out Kim slaying a YZ250 two stroke with a Timbersled track kit on it!

CAA Forecaster Blog

The Good, The Bad, And the UGLY....

Touchy 2014?

We have seen the growing trends here in Western Canada over the past few weeks and it's not overly promising for a bright future...

Grizzly Lodge

It seems Dave might hold a special place in his heart for Grizzly Lodge!

Norona’s EarthX Batteries

Dave talks a little bit about the Earthx Lightweight Lithium Battery for his 163 Ski-Doo 2014 Rev XM. Superxclamp.net is the place to get your Lithium Earthx Battery in Canada. Check them…

More on In-Reach

Not much to say here!  Dave gives us the goods on In-Reach and all of the many benefits!  I know he sold me on buying one of them and there is NO…