Do you Ski / Snowboard?

If you want to take your skis and/or snowboards to the backcountry there are some things you must know.

You cannot build a solid rack system yourself from cutting boards.  Ok maybe you can if you are very creative, but you are more likely to become a statistic of cooler puncture, tunnel ripper, swiss cheese making disasters.

CFR has become the go to rack system in the ski/snowboard sled industry.  They are not the only ones however with KnightRider Racks right behind them.  KnightRider specializes in snowboard only bracket systems where CFR makes board only, ski only or board/ski systems.

Both have straps to hold down the skis or boards in a bracket that is front to back on the sled.  That way when you roll (when, not if) you will not damage your own gear.  Many dealers sell one or both of these name brands if not let us know and we’ll set you up with a dealer that does!

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