Strikt Gear Review

For those of you who haven’t heard, Strikt are the new gear company in the sledding market…. but their gear proves that they’re not so new to the game.

I picked up a new Freeride Jacket and Rigger Bib the other day and, whilst I haven’t been on snow wearing the gear, first impressions are excellent.

Strikt have been in the technical clothing industry for well over a decade, and their experience in making gear for the moto world, coupled with the obvious R&D work that has gone into their new sled line is shown in the quality of the gear.

Without reciting everything that’s listed on their website, here are a few things that stood out about the gear for me:

EVERY seam is fully taped.  Whilst many manufacturers only tape what they call the “critical” seams, Strikt went the extra mile to tape all of them.  I spend a lot of time standing around in the snow when we’re on a photoshoot and I’ve got a good feeling that this new gear is going to keep me dry, even in the toughest conditions.

The pants are the perfect length.  Unlike most of the athletes I shoot with, my waist is wider than my legs are long… so often I find myself in an XL pair of pants with the bottoms getting trashed on my running boards.  Not so with the Strikt pants.  But they’re also not so short that you look like a geek!

I picked up an orange jacket.  Orange?  WTF.  I have never worn an orange piece of clothing in my life.  But both the blue and orange jackets look sick.  And if you ride an orange arctic cat you’re gonna look like a team rider.  More amazing is that when I tried the jacket and pants on at home my wife said they looked great.  Rest assured she’s never said that about anything to do with sledding in the past!

Finally, for this initial review, the decision between the two types of jacket, or the two types of pant available were easy.  The Freeride jacket seems to have been designed with the ‘new school’ market in mind.  Lightweight without being a skinny shell, and coupled with all the venting this is perfect for people who either ride hard, sled ski/snowboard and are used to modern ski/snowboard gear, or who just want to use layers depending on the season.  The Aspect jacket is more like traditional sled gear and is perfect for people who are used to heaver weight jackets and integrated fleece / liners.  The pants come in two types – bib and non-bib.  That for me is just a personal choice – and I love the extra core warmth/protection and snow protection that the bib offers.

Check out more about Strikt on their website or on their Facebook page where you can enter their “win a sled” contest.

And watch for a full “on snow” review later in the season.

Disclaimer: Whilst I received this gear as part of a working relationship with Strikt, I did not receive any payment or incentive for the review.


Strikt Gear Review
Value For Money
8.8 Excellent
As their tagline says "The next generation of sled gear".