Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes: 2018 Ski-Doo Club Showroom

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes: 2018 Ski-Doo Club Showroom


Each year we strive to bring to our readers Behind-the-Scenes images of the dealer exclusive Ski-doo Club Showroom. This annual extravaganza coincides with the release of BRP’s latest Ski-Doo innovations, and everyone parties like crazy bonkers. Vegas basically runs out of Jaegerbombs. Okay not really. But it looks like fun still!

Annnyyway, it’s a chance for us to take a lighter look at all the new technology.

This year, our man on the inside was none other than Cody Borchers, from Riderz in Edson, AB. Riderz is an award winning, full-service Ski-Doo and Can-Am dealer. Check them out for your spring-check orders and beyond!


Okay, let’s do this!


2018 Ski-Doo Club Event


Ski-Doo Club


An hour before the event was set to begin, the crowd of dealer was already starting to assemble in anticipation of the 2018 release.




#clubbrp! Those BRP geniouses are on the cutting edge of social media as well as technology! Snapchat, anyone?



Everyone got to watch this beauty vid. If that drum ‘n’ bass soundtrack doesn’t get you fired up, nothing will! Wait for that beat to droppppp!




Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman from “MythBusters” made an appearance, just to let you know that BRP’s 2018 G4 850 Freeride is the real deal in case you weren’t sure. So is the rumour of a 189″ track with 4″ paddles. Okay not really, we just made that up. Adam and Jamie 1, Mountain Sledder 0. BUSTED!


Mountain Sleds

Trail and crossover sleds are pretty cool… it’s just that we don’t reaaaally care about them that much. Sorry. Really, it’s not you, Trail and Crossover Sleds, it’s us. So we’re just going to ignore that tiny, insignificant little niche segment and get straight to the mountain models.




The 2018 Summit Freeride was the star of the showroom floor, all least for all the dealers with mountain riding customers. It was surrounded all night by giddy, middle-aged men, snapping selfies and giggling away like a pack of Canadian teenage girls sitting behind the bench at a WHL hockey game. It just winked at me, OMG!




The 2018 Freeride is keeping things legit this year with a black and white look and a little Freeride Green flair thrown in for good measure. Daaaaannnggg. That is tight, son!




Although if white and black isn’t steezy enough for ya, you can always head on over to the Ski-doo wrap department and order up three scoops of bubblegum flavour in a waffle cone.




This wrap is actually called “Charcuterie and Cheese Plate No. 1”. Mmmmnnnn.




With the exception of this little “doo”-hicky (see what I did there?), BRP didn’t really drop any surprise H-bombs on us last night. Buuuutttttt, this new feature is REALLY cool. It’s called the SHOT starter. If you’ve already read more about it here, then cool… if not, you should really go here to find out more (shameless trickery! Those are the same link to our story about the 2018 BRP product reveal).




What else was cool? Oh yeah, this new 175″ Summit model. The big boy of the Summit lineup finally made it into a G4 850 outfit, and is looking mighty handsome. And you know what they say about 175″ right? It’s one more than 174″. True story.




The 175″ Summit is a much anticipated model for old guys, overweight guys and guys that like to sit down a lot. Just kidding! The long track models have been tremendously popular for Ski-doo, and it’s great that they are now brought up to speed with the latest chassis and powerplant. And how about that colourway! Wicked. You won’t lose sight of that on a powder day.





Let’s see, what else is new? Well, there’s Ski-doo MCode jackets and pants. Lookin’ sharp fella! There’s also the Helium lineup, which is tailored for “active riding”… that means you: Mr and/or Mrs Mountain Rider.




There’s Ski-doo’s Revy one-piece suit in the middle there. Although we can’t tell you how well it works, we can tell you this. It’s a little more than half the price of top-of-the-line competing monosuits out there. And it’ll match that 175″ big boy you’re going to spring-check at Riderz! One stop shop!




Guess what? Ski-doo’s got your kids covered for outerwear too. And every child jacket sold comes with a free mug! Bonus.






Ski-doo offers more accessories that you can shake a stick at. Their catalog makes the Edmonton Yellow Pages look like a Betty and Veronica Double-Digest. And the best part of all that gear is that you know it was engineered in conjunction with your Ski-doo and that’s it’s going to work; plain and simple. They have a ton of sled storage options, as well as convenience attachment solutions like the LinQ system.




We’re not sure what half of this stuff is, but it looks important. We do recognize those ice scratchers though! They are the best we’ve ever used, and are a necessity for mountain riding. Beyond that, a few do-dads and whatsits like what’s shown here will really help personalize your sled. Get some green stuff!


That’s it for 2018


Well, it looked like a lot of fun. Too bad we weren’t invited! Maybe next time.

There was some really neat new technology revealed in the form of the SHOT start. And, a few key mountain models were brought up to date with the latest Rev G4 chassis and E-TEC 850 engine. Beyond that, Ski-doo, as always, continued to impress with its deep lineup of outerwear and accessories. And we’re sure that there was a lot more interesting stuff revealed at the 2018 Ski-Doo Club Showroom not highlighted here. For some videos on the new stuff, checkout the Ski-doo official YouTube.

You’ll have to go check out your local dealership to see all the new product as it fill showroom floors in preparation for next winter. And don’t forget to order your 2018 Freeride or Summit before the spring-check deadline for all the best options!


— MS