Q&A with Ski-Doo Managers and Experts on 2018 Product

By now, anyone who’s interested has probably seen most of the marketing information put forth by Ski-Doo on their 2018 product release. But curious riders want to dig deeper to find out more about technical developments, product improvements and ride characteristics. Ski-Doo went live the day after the release with a 30-minute long Q&A video about all of these things and more.


Q&A with Ski-doo Backcountry Experts and Ambassadors

The video starts out with questions directed to the team of Ski-doo Backcountry Experts and Ambassadors, including: Carl Kuster, Rob Alford, Jeremy Mercier, Ashley Chaffin, Dave Norona, Jay Mentaberry, Bret Rasmussen and Tony Jenkins. They cover topics about the new features and ride characteristics of the different lengths of Freeride and Summit 850. It’s really interesting to hear them compare the ride characteristics of a 154″ x 2.5″ track vs a 163″ x 3″ track.




Q&A with BRP Managers

What will be of even more interest to some riders is the Q&A with BRP PR and Media Relations Manager Steve Cowing, Director of Product Planning Pascal Vincent and Ski-Doo Project Manager Dominic Tessier. The three answer questions from the public regarding the release, product updates including a reinforced bulkhead and belt heat updates.


It’s great to hear real answers to real questions from the public, and it gives us some insight that we can’t otherwise get from the marketing material from the release.

Check it out here:


Ski-Doo 2018 LIVE Q&A

Get answers to your questions about the 2018 Ski-Doo snowmobiles and accessories with BRP specialists and our Backcountry Experts.

Posted by Ski-Doo on Thursday, February 16, 2017



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