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Gear Girls: Take Aim

Whatever your activity, whether it be shredding groomed trail at a million kph, or slashing pow in the backcountry, you need the arsenal.  You wouldn’t go into battle without a weapon, the same way you wouldn’t saddle up your whip without the right equipment.  Time to gear up.

_MG_7437bulletGirls and Guns. A match made in heaven.

_MG_7504509 Women’s Ride Tee – $29 – We at Mountain Sledder don’t exactly endorse shooting your clothing prior to wearing them, but we’re not formally against it either.  You know what?  You’re your own man.  Shoot your clothes.  We’re not going to tell you what to do.


509 Gear Bag – $60 – Effective operators don’t have their goggles in the centre console, one glove under the seat, one in the dryer, their transceiver in their Carhartt pockets at home and spare socks rolled up in their back pocket.  Get your shit together.  Literally.

509 Altitude Helmet – $265 – Lighter… Faster… Stronger.  This all-new helmet from 509 is going to change your game in a big way, with an improved fit, neck-brace-ready shape and optimal peripheral vision.  This is the helmet Brett Turcotte wears, and that’s saying a lot.

_MG_7473Have we mentioned yet how hot girls with guns are?


Motorfist Empress Jacket – $300 – Women fight their own battles in the backcountry, not the least of which is staying warm while they’re waiting for your ass to catch up.  The Empress features a fully waterproof shell, removable liner and fully-taped seams throughout.


Frankensled Trailfinder Flashlight System – $149 – Perfect for spying enemies in the darkest places in the darkest parts of night. Or for finding the trail after getting stuck late in the day.  Comes with a rechargeable lithium battery and can stand submersion in water. Consider the day saved.


Highmark by Snowpulse Vest – $899 – Finally available in black for the 14/15 season, this top-selling avalanche airbag brings riders the safety of an avi pack, the comfort of your favourite sweatshirt and the style of the most interesting man in the world in a tuxedo, drinking scotch.


Motorfist W.O.T. Glove – $90 – These gloves are one part warm-day snowmobile glove and one part “I can’t drive the getaway car until I get my gloves on, man!”  They’re waterproof.  They’re insulated. And they’ve got just enough leather to make you feel badass.


The End(s).