Turbo First-Timer

Luke Rohde did what most of us have at least considered and took the big plunge this January, ordering up a turbo install on his 2015 Polaris Pro-RMK. Here are his thoughts on the experience of a first-timer going from stock to turbo power.


“In the last 5 years that I have been riding my own personal sleds, my 2015 Polaris Pro-RMK is the first one that I’ve turbo’d, and before I get into it too much, let me just say wow!

Up until January this year, I rode the sled without any modifications to the motor. I did install some other mods though, including Exit shocks and ARS-FX A-arms, a rear skid with Exit shocks, Arctic FX wrap, RSI handlebars, and some of Skagit valley Polaris’ famous clutch work. The sled flat ripped as it was. But I decided to get a TSS turbo installed in late January anyway. I drove up to Salmon Arm, BC and the Top Secret Shop crew installed and tuned the turbo for me.




Prior to the install, I was extremely worried about turbo lag. I like having power now, and power right when you need it. I have ridden friends’ turbo sleds before and the one thing I didn’t like about them was the lag. But after having the installation done, it turns out that lag is not an issue! The first day I rode the turbo I fell in love. This kit responds so fast, with an unreal spool time.

There are a few things I really like about having the turbo. First, there is just no comparison in the power difference over stock. The feeling you get when the turbo spools up and the sled just takes off is so fun. Trying to hold onto this machine with that much power is absolutely without a doubt, just so much fun.

And the opportunities it opens up to you as a rider are crazy. Before I would ride along and look up at a hill thinking, wow I wish I could hit that. Now when I see something looking up at a hill I say, “hey, I can hit that!”

Another thing is the different styles of riding I can do now. I have never had the power or the right sled to try climbing chutes. The Micku brothers showed me a little about climbing chutes, and let’s just say I need a lot of practice! I never thought climbing chutes as fun, but wow, what a rush.

Riding the turbo has made me look at all the different styles of riding there are. Tree riding has always been fun to me, but now with a turbo, I think it’s even more challenging. Lines where I could be going one way, grab the throttle up and around a tree and up farther and farther I go. Maneuvering through the trees with your skis in the air half of the time is a lot of fun to me. Oh, and the blow-off valve! Because, really, the noise it makes is SO awesome!

This stock sled performed at the highest level before any engine mods. Now with a turbo it just rips. I am running 8lbs of boost. I originally thought that I would only ride at the lowest level of boost, which is 5lbs. That really didn’t last long. 5lbs of boost is a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong. But when I cranked that dial up to 8lbs and squeezed the throttle, I just could not believe the power it had.




After running boost for a while now, I really can’t believe that I haven’t had to do much work to this setup. The only thing I do to it is routine maintenance, which basically consists of checking the nuts and bolts and making sure everything is tight. I also need to adjust the control box for altitude. I ride at all altitudes so that is a must. Basically the lower elevation you ride the more you need to richen the sled up, and the higher in altitude, the more you need to lean it out. Other then that, this is a pull and go sled.

I strongly suggest if you have a Pro and want to turbo it, look into the TSS setup. I have never had a turbo before, and I don’t think I am ever going back to a stock motor!”


– Luke Rohde


Luke putting his improved ride to the test… yep, it still jumps!