Maverick Walker and his Exit Shocks

Hello Everyone, Maverick Walker here!

This year I have been riding and filming with Hickshow Productions for their new film coming out this fall, Followcam 6. I pushed really hard to get a great segment in the movie, which I feel has happened! It ended up being a great season despite the horrible snow conditions!

I did have a couple of deep pow days this year, but not as many as I like. But the spring-like snow this year has pushed me to improve my chute climbing. With thanks to Justin Silber from Silber Turbos I did get a couple of rad chutes done on my 163” XM.

I also got the chance to film with a helicopter for Thunderstruck Films and that was an outstanding experience. The adrenaline from hitting big jumps with my bro Shad Simmons, and then hopping on the turbo sled to climb chutes—all in a quick timeframe—was quite insane! All-in-all, this last season I made a lot of new friendships, learned a lot more and am pumped to see my segment in Followcam 6! If you haven’t heard of Hickshow Productions, look them up because you are missing out!



Photo | Motorfist


I also want to talk about my Exit Shocks, and why I love them so much.

When I got my 2013 Ski Doo XM X model, it came with KYB shocks. Well, they only lasted one ride in Alpine, Wyoming while filming for a Motorist edit. My center and rear shocks were completely blown out after the first day. Shortly after that I talked with Nathan Zollinger of Zbroz Racing about my situation, and as a result of that conversation, I am very fortunate and stoked to represent Exit Shocks. Zbroz also makes many other outstanding performance parts. They have the absolutely strongest A-arms on the market.




Especially this year, I have been so thankful for my aftermarket shock setup that allowed me to push my boundaries in this winter’s harsh snowpack! I run Exit shocks all-round, and have had zero problems with them for two years now. The durability of the shocks is incredible. I have been beyond satisfied with my setup!

Here are some real-life experiences that have made me a strong believer in running Exit shocks.

On a rough, moguled out trail, I will let my Dad ride my sled into the zones because it is way easier on him, and also on the ride back down the mountain. My Dad has the stock Ski-Doo shocks, and riding his sled can sometimes be tiring, even for a young gun like me. Once we arrive in the backcountry, we switch sleds again. It shows that aftermarket shocks aren’t just for the huge jumpers in the industry, but also for the older generation of riders that want a smooth and comfortable ride.

Another way that my Exit Shocks perform exceptionally well is when I am constantly pounding a jump over and over, which generates a lot of heat in the shocks. Under these conditions, my Exit shocks don’t start to sag like a stock shock can.

They also hold up well to big power. I have an Alpine Performance Big Bore 860 kit on my sled and the shocks and big bore kit go hand-in-hand. The Exit Shocks put up with the power of the sled perfectly.

One feature that I really think helps is the large capacity reservoir. This allows increased nitrogen pressure for better performance and consistency. All Exit front shocks use triple-rate and dual-rate springs. There are all different spring rates picked for specific rider weight and riding style.

The shocks also have a really cool feature called the “ice scratcher”. The ice scratcher is made to help keep snow and ice out of the shock, which improves the period of time between servicing. These are just a few of the awesome ideas and features behind the shocks.

In the deep powder I usually soften my shocks by simply turning a knob on the reservoir. In spring conditions and when the snow is more compact, I turn up the shocks so that they are a bit stiffer. The Exit Shocks are so simple and easy to adjust for your comfort level. You can also have the shocks valved for your weight or tuned for your preference, whether you are a hillclimb racer, a chute climber in the backcountry, or if you like to huck 150ft plus booters!


– Maverick