Gear Review: Motorfist Trophy Pant

Conclusion: Great if you like a dry ass.


Well, since my last set of bibs were held together with a combination of sewn-on patches, Gore-tex fabric stickers, duct tape and tuck tape (which works the best by the way), I figured it was time to step into a new set of pants.

So I scooped up a new pair of Motorfist Trophy Pants, which ring in at $469.99. There are two colour options; Black/Stealth (which is mostly just black) and Black/Stealth/Gray. I have the second colour wave, and I think it looks pretty snazzy. The pants come in sizes from SM-2XL with some sizes/colours in tall.





At this price point you might expect a Gore-Tex brand waterproof membrane, but I’ve had the Motorfirst Rekon Bib before with the same eVent waterproof layer without any wetness issues, so I felt confident that I would get the same dryness with the Trophy Pant.




There are a few really nice features that I like on this “pant”. It’s called a pant, but I really consider it more of a bib on account of the zip-off piece at the back that keeps snow from getting down your pants, along with suspenders, which are removable. I absolutely refuse to wear a pant that doesn’t have some sort of protection in the back to keep snow out, and so far on several days riding these “pants” have done a good job of that. I also like that it doesn’t have a lot of unnecessary material in the front like some bibs do (the Rekon is an example of this). I don’t get snow down my front usually, and I find the extra material just gets hung up on my transceiver and hinders movement.




The material used for the pant seems to be very durable and I’m sure it will last a long time, but the tradeoff is that it is not the lightest, and it is very, very stiff. I’m hoping the pant will break-in over time, but for my first few rides I have found that even walking around in the snow is a little more burdensome that it could be. If I want to keep them around for a long time however, and I do at this price, then I’m sure that I will be happy about the toughness of the fabric.

Speaking of durability, it is tough to say how the product will stand the test of time, but I can say that my Rekon bib held up to an entire season of riding and looked virtually brand new at the end. The only sign of wear was a waterproof pocket zipper that popped some stitching on the first day out, which was obviously a manufacturing defect and not a sign of poor durability. So I expect the Trophy to stand up just as well.

The Trophy is not insulated, but it does have a mesh lining throughout that does a good job of keeping things warm. I’ve been wearing a thin long john underneath, and temperatures have been just right through this unusually warm winter. I wouldn’t want any thicker insulation, and in fact I wouldn’t mind if the mesh lining wasn’t there at all for upcoming spring days. Maybe I’ll cut it out when we get there, we’ll see.

The pants come with four pockets, two hand pockets below the waist, and two thigh pockets that double as mesh-lined vents. All four have water-sealed zippers, which is a nice feature. I do wish that one or other of the pockets were built-out with a little more volume, as I find that they are a little tight for my overly-large hands to get in and out of. But I guess that’s a personal problem.


Waterproof pocket zips.

Waterproof pocket zips.


In the waist, the pants feature two side-waist adjustment straps for dialing in the fit, which is essential if you plan on removing the suspender straps. I didn’t, but adjusting the straps just made the pant fit better and feel more secure.

Another nice forethought put into the pant is the waterproof front-zip that zips down to the bottom. That means that you don’t have to undo or reach under your jacket, or even unbuckle your backpack waist strap to unzip your fly to take a leak. Sorry girls, not much help for you here. But if you fellas put away an XL double-double in the morning like I tend to do, you’ll be happy for the convenience.


The front-zip is great for hassle-free number 1's.

The front-zip is great for hassle-free number 1’s.


Farther down the pant, they feature two-way full-length leg zips, again waterproof. These are great for donning and doffing the pant. At the knees is a thin, removable knee-pad built in. Now, I usually wear a regular knee-pad, but wanting to give the built in ones a whirl I went without. Well, for the most part they were great, taking the edge off of all the little bumps. Until I smashed my knee on the sled really hard! The conclusion I guess is that if you have a tendency to ride really aggressively, or smack your knees regularly, the inserts might not cut it. Otherwise they are an enjoyable feature.


Full-length waterproof leg zips making for easy on's and off's.

Full-length waterproof leg zips making for easy on’s and off’s.


At the bottom of the pant is a waterproof gaiter that has a boot clip for attaching to your laces so the gaiter doesn’t slide up if you’re stomping around in deep snow. This is a neat feature, but the gaiter is so tight around the ankle of my boot that I really can’t see it ever sliding up. Again, maybe this will come into play down the road when the pants are a little more stretched out.


The gaiter is tight to the boot, but a lace clip prevents the gaiter from sliding up.

The gaiter is tight to the boot, but a lace clip prevents the gaiter from sliding up.


The sizing of the pant seems pretty spot on. I’m 6’3” and 185lbs, and I grabbed a large size. XL probably would have been fine as well, but I fit into the large okay and I don’t have to worry about excess material bunching up this way. The 33” inseam of the XL would probably fit my length a little better, but I don’t need pant bottoms dragging on my running boards anyway, so I’m happy with what I’ve got.

In conclusion, I’m pretty stoked on the Trophy Pant. It has a lot of the features that I love in a bib: things like suspenders, back protection, and short front. So far it’s been completely waterproof and I expect it to stay that way with all the waterproof zips, and thick material. The only downside to these pant that I can see is that like a lot of Motorfirst stuff they are a little heavy, and very stiff which reduces mobility somewhat. I hope that in the long run they will soften up a bit, but I’m sure the tough nature of the fabric will at least help the pant have a long lifespan.

– PG