Pemby Life: Episode Two – Safety & Being Prepared

In the second installment of Pemby Life, Julie-Ann Chapman goes over all the first-aid, safety and repair equipment that she carries with her when she rides.

Chapman spends more time in the mountains than most each winter, guiding and teaching clients how to ride and be safe up in remote terrain. Her kit is extensive and so it should be, as she is responsible not only for herself up there, but her clients as well.

There are some items in her kit that all sledders must carry individually on their person, such as avalanche rescue gear. Other items, such as tools and spare parts, can be distributed throughout the group. However, in Chapman’s case—as the guide and instructor—she must be self-reliant; hence the need to be fully prepared for adventure and the surprises that can come with it.


Pemby LIfe


“Episode Two” provides a fantastic outline of what gear is required for safe travel in remote alpine areas in winter. It can help you fill in the gaps in your safety kit, and decide how to make sure that your group has all its bases covered. It’s a vitally important topic, and Chapman really does all mountain sledders a favour by breaking it all down for us.


The end of the episode showcases some of the epic riding conditions that have been present in the Coast Range this winter. It’s the kind of powder experience that we all crave, and that can be best enjoyed knowing that you’re prepared for it.


Pemby Life: Episode Two – Respect for Adventure: Safety & Being Prepared



Here’s a breakdown of Julie-Ann Chapman’s safety kit:


Avalanche Rescue Gear

Transceiver, shovel & probe

Avalanche airbag

Snowpack observations recording equipment



inReach SOS/messaging & GPS device

Satellite phone

VHF radio for Resource Roads communication

FRS radio for group communication


Survival and First Aid

First aid kit

Bivy sack

Survival kit

Gels and chews


Tools and Equipment

Wood saw

Allen keys, wrenches & socket set

Zap straps and variety of tape


High-intensity flashlight or headlamp

Air shock pump



Pemby Life



Thanks Julie-Ann for putting together this important information!

For info about her courses and clinics, visit She Shreds Mountain Adventures.


— MS