Sponsorship Opportunity for Female Riders


Today, big brands are acutely aware of the steady influx of women into the sport of snowmobiling—which has historically been dominated by the opposite gender. Female-specific snowmobile brands that didn’t exist a few short years ago are becoming more commonplace and the proliferation of services such as riding clinics tailored exclusively for women has grown in leaps and bounds. And with this growth, we have seen a swelling in the ranks of female athletes and sponsored riders to represent those brands.


DSG Outerwear Offers Sponsorship Opportunity for Female Riders



DSG Outerwear Female Sponsorship



DSG Outerwear, a women-only brand of snowmobile outerwear and clothing, is on the hunt for passionate female riders for new sponsorship and ambassador programs. Three different levels of sponsorship will be available for next winter (2017/2018). The brand aims to accommodate as many women as possible through their programs.

DSG is currently accepting applications until July 31, 2017. More information and an application can be found at:


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