A Tale of Two Houseguests

We’ve all been there. We’ve all needed a couch at a resort town to crash on. But there are some unwritten rules that should be abided. Mountain Sledder is here to help guide your way to being good houseguests, and to show you some hot gear while we’re at it. 

Photography: Steve Dutcheshen/Tim Grey

Models: Haven Dionne Werner ( Dutcheshen

Words: Jessica Joy


A Tale of Two Houseguests


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Don’t: Bring your uninvited significant other, your dog and your cigarettes unless cleared by the home caretaker.



Do: Show up with a bottle of wine, by yourself, with thoughts about how to provide dinner.

DSG Hooded Vest – $129 Obviously this vest isn’t for actually sledding in. It’s for wearing to the bar post sled day and being the first person to be served a drink. Duh.

509 Altitude Helmet – $329 Weighs next to nothing, fits like a boss, vents everywhere, Go-Pro mount, breathbox and chin curtains – not to mention the most genius chin-strap we’ve ever seen.

TOBE Vivid Boot Speed – $529 Arright, Running Boards. Bring on every traction cleat you’ve got. These boots can handle it. They’re warm, easy to get on and tough as sh!*.



Do: Pretend your hosts are interesting at dinner, go to sleep quietly and get up early to shred the next day.

509 Kingpin Goggle – $89 Finally!  An affordable premium goggle!  Nice to see that someone knows how much gas and beer costs and is trying to help us out.

TOBE Privus Monosuit – $899 Ok, you’re an adult, I’m an adult, let’s all just sack up and admit that onesies rule and we never should have denied them their prowess. They’re warm, they’re dry and they’re damn well thought out.



TOBE Privus Jacket – $629 Loosely translated, “Privus” is Swedish for “Super waterproof, super warm jacket made from herring and meatballs,” but our Swedish is a little rusty. We’d still wear this jacket sledding in the coldest temps.

Skinz Next Level Series Rear Bumper – $330 This bumper costs as much as a hotel room and nice dinner, but if you’ve ever had someone or something unwelcome run into you from behind, you’d happily pay this to protect your chassis. You feel me?



Kimberley Alpyne Apparel Tank- $27 Much like you, this company came out of the prairies to crush it in the mountains and have built a great new Canadian company around their love of mountain sledding. Well, almost like you.


A Tale of Two Houseguests


Don’t: Make dinner only for yourselves, let your dog eat the leftovers and party till 4am.

Highmark by Snowpulse RIDGE 3.0 Avalanche Airbag – $759 Highmark has been doing CrossFit all summer… it’s like two lbs lighter, faster to setup and reset and just beat us in a one-legged squat competition.


Houseguests Mountain Sledder


Houseguests Gear Girl

SLDNX T – $30 Slednecks gear means you’re a badass.


Houseguests Gear Girl

Do: Make the bed when you leave, clean the dishes and leave a few beers behind.

DSG Avid Technical Boot w BOA – $278 Obviously men’s and women’s feet are the same. That’s why you and your husband borrow each other’s pumps and hockey skates. However, for those not buying this fact, here’s something truly revolutionary for women’s boots. And – say it with me everyone – INTUITION LINERS!

DSG Roller Bag – $249 As Canadians, we all know what the inside of a hockey bag smells like. And yet, we haven’t seemed to rise up against this fact and put our gear… In. Something. Else. Let the revolution begin!


Houseguests Do Don't

Don’t: Hang around the house all day, even if you’re hungover.