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TOBE Nimbus Boot Review

This winter I had the opportunity to review  the TOBE Nimbus Boot for Mountain Sledder. Although the winter was cut short, I managed to get a number of days in with these boots. Here’s my TOBE Nimbus Boot Review.

TOBE Nimbus Boot Review


The first time I pulled on the Nimbus Boot from TOBE I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to wear them. The fit was perfect in length but were they tight. I don’t have a wide foot, but these were painfully narrow at first. However, in the weeks leading up to sled season I wore the boots around the house to help break them in, and by the end of my first ride they were as comfy as a pair of slippers.

The comfort comes from TOBE’s 2-in-1 design. The inner boot is soft and well-cushioned; it is comfortable to start, but also, as your body heat builds up over the course of a day’s riding , the inner boot becomes molded to your foot.

Warmth and Waterproofing

Over the course of the season, the Sympatex Moisture-Tech membrane has kept my feet dry. The TOBE Nimbus features 1200 grams of insulation, which has kept my toes toasty warm.

TOBE Nimbus Boot Review Action
The author, putting the TOBE Nimbus Boot through the wringer for this review.

Durability and Grip

TOBE’s proprietary rubber outsoles have stood up to the running boards and haven’t started to delaminate at all, something that has happened to many of my previous snowmobile boots.

There is one slight drawback; I find that the boot doesn’t grip my running boards as well as some other boots I’ve used. Whenever there was a bit of an ice build-up along the edges of my running boards the boots slipped around a lot. I’d kick off the bits of ice though, and everything would be fine.

Other Notables

The TOBE Nimbus Boot has a fairly neutral stance and a stiff upper which allows you to stand in a very comfortable position with tons of support.

The double BOA system allows the wearer to fine-tune the lower and upper boot to provide a tight, even fit that lace-up boots just cannot achieve without pinching or cutting-off circulation. The BOAs hold your foot in place and help reduce the dreaded toe-bang that happens with a sloppy fit.

TOBE Nimbus Boot Review 01

TOBE Nimbus Boot Review Summary

Being one of the more expensive snowmobile boots on the market at $499 CAD, I had high expectations for the Nimbus Boot and TOBE delivered. This is the best sledding boot I’ve used in the past decade.


– Matthew