December 27th, 2018

Grizzly Lodge is Heaven on Earth

The saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun,” has never been more true than at the Greater Vancouver Powersports’ 10th annual ride at Grizzly Lodge this December.

If you haven’t heard of it, Grizzly Lodge is the only backcountry lodge of its kind for snowmobilers in North America. It is a massive, 12,000 square-foot lodge that sits 36 kilometers deep in the backcountry of the North Shuswap, BC. And riding your sled there is the only way it can be reached in winter!

The Beginnings of Grizzly Lodge

Grizzly Lodge was built in 2004 by a handful of European business associates who wanted to build the ultimate cat-skiing operation. Unfortunately, heavy competition caused the operation to declare bankruptcy just two years later. However, construction of the lodge had nearly been completed by that time.

When current owner, Adam Trainer, stumbled upon the lodge it was falling apart. Animals had moved in and were using it as a shelter. Fast forward a few more years, and Adam and his team had spent countless hours planning and working hard to open Grizzly Lodge to snowmobilers in 2009, the year the GVP crew first visited.

Grizzly Lodge
Grizzly Lodge
Grizzly Lodge
Grizzly Lodge

I remember arriving at Grizzly for the first time and was absolutely blown away at what Adam and his amazing team had created. Grizzly Lodge offered all the comforts of home including a hot tub, drying room, comfy beds, pool table, wifi and most importantly—incredible food in the middle of nowhere!

Grizzly Lodge Expansion

Each year Adam has reinvested earnings back into the lodge—which can now handle 28 guests in style—and the amenities have become more refined over the years.

But what has not changed one bit is the incredible hospitality provided by the Grizzly Lodge staff. Whatever you need, it arrives almost before you can even think of it. And the food is off the charts delicious, with a unique platter of appetizers, buffet-style dinner and epic desserts that will get you revved up for your next day’s ride!

After dinner, you can watch a UFC fight or a hockey game on the satellite TV, play pool, get a massage or just sit back and tell stories of your days adventures over a glass of wine or craft beer. The hardest part will be leaving after your stay is up!

Grizzly Lodge

The Riding at Grizzly Lodge

The best part is that it’s usually just you and your group enjoying the whole zone.

In our sport, snow conditions are ever-changing. Over the last 10 years of riding at Grizzly Lodge, I have experienced every snow condition possible. But I have never once been disappointed. If you like deep powder, tight and open tree riding, steep climbs, or wide-open travelling adventures, you can do it all here!

There is literally no limit to the fun you can have in every direction from the lodge. And one of the best things is that from the time you pull on your boots, it literally only takes 10 minutes to get to the high alpine! This means you can either escape for the whole day, or ride and sneak back to the lodge for lunch or to gas up for more good times in the afternoon. We also always make sure we get in one good night ride as well. And the best part is that it’s usually just you and your group enjoying the whole zone.

Grizzly Lodge
Grizzly Lodge

Grizzly Lodge

Dave Norona is a backcountry powderhound who rides for the Ski-Doo backcountry team. @davenorona