March 7th, 2016

Jetsnow—the Future of Snowmobiling?

The so-called “Jetsnow” is an ingenious hybrid of a stand-up watercraft married to a traditional twin-ski snowmobile chassis, developed by Christophe Paquin from Cabano, Quebec.

Is this thing the future of snowmobiling? Paquin’s Jetsnow is powered by a repurposed BRP 670 Rotax engine, which by the way it performs in the video, provides plenty of power for the lightweight chassis. The stand-up style platform has no seat, which means Paquin is free to plant his feet wherever he wants for easy weight shifting. The thing look super maneuverable, and we can only imagine how it would perform in the mountains.

Mountain riders these days spend the majority of their time standing up, so why not eliminate the seat altogether? Pair that with easy weight transfer, a stable platform for good footing and a nimble chassis that is easy to control on its edge, and you might have a winning combination.

Hopefully we’ll get to see more of the design in the future, and who knows? maybe someday this design will be a building block for the ultimate weapon in the mountains!



Here’s another look at the Jetsnow—including a look under the hood—back in 2015 when it wasn’t quite so refined as it is today.



Check out Paquin’s YouTube channel for more videos of his Jetsnow.


– MS