December 17th, 2009

KLIM 2010

KLIM does!
For 2010 KLIM has once again stepped up their game and brought us some even better products then prior years.  New heat mapping techniques has helped develop superior products that are sure, in fact, guaranteed to keep you warm and dry!  That is a bold comment from Klim, but I would have to agree with them.  
What is heat mapping you might ask?  It is where they measure the heat your body puts off during exercise, and from here they determine how to best build a garment.  
When layered properly Klim gear will create a very functional micro climate within your gear.  A strong wicking layer for your first layer made up of the Aggressor shirt and pant, followed by the inferno shirt, and if temperatures require, the pant to match, topped off with a GORE-TEX shell (many options)!  This is a combo survivor man would be very proud of!

Have a look at some of the gear for 2010!
Check out Klim USA HERE!
Check out Klim Canada HERE!