March 30th, 2017

Lynx Adventure: Antarctica Documentary

By now we know the outcome of the Lynx Adventure: Antarctica team of four that attempted to cross Antarctica and reach the South Pole on snowmobiles.

They didn’t make it.

An Antarctica Documentary has been released which tells the story of what happened and what went wrong.


Odds were likely stacked against the team from the beginning. The Finnish expedition team—which had very little prior experience riding snowmobiles—may not have fully realized the extent of the difficulties associated with long-distance snowmobile travel that lie ahead of them. However, experienced snowmobilers who have gone on missions requiring overnight gear and fuel strapped to their sled can tell you that it’s usually not a walk in the park.

Regardless, the team made the most out of an impossible situation and managed to achieve their secondary goals: making first ascents and naming of two previously unclimbed mountains, and making it back home alive. Beyond that, hopefully the expedition will inspire sledders to go beyond the ordinary and set forth on their own mountain adventures.


Antarctica Documentary



Here’s the twelve minute documentary of their experience which goes further into detail about the breakdowns that cost the team their primary objective.

Lynx Adventure: Antarctica Documentary



Congratulations Pata and team on salvaging a difficult situation, staying safe and fulfilling on a successful expedition to Antarctica!


More videos about the expeditions can be found on the Lynx Adventure: Antarctica YouTube channel.


— MS