December 22nd, 2020

Ortovox Issues Safety Notice for AVABAG Avalanche Airbag Cartridges

Ortovox has issued an important safety reminder to users of their AVABAG avalanche airbags that use the AVABAG CARTRIDGE CARBON.

It is important to note that because the carbon cartridge is not certified in North America, most North American AVABAG users will not be affected by the safety notice as the cylinder sold there is different. However, all AVABAG users should check to confirm if their cartridge is carbon or not. The condition of all avalanche safety equipment should be checked prior to each use!

The avalanche safety gear maufacturer has established that in isolated cases some AVABAG CARTRIDGE CARBON models may lose pressure. Under unfavorable conditions, this could impair the activation force of the AVABAG airbag system.

Unfortunately, the AVABAG CARTRIDGE CARBON does not feature a pressure gauge that can be easily checked. However, loss of pressure can be reliably identified as part of the weight check that is essential before any use of the system.

Orotovox stresses “that it is imperative to check the weight of the AVABAG CARTRIDGE CARBON before each use of the AVABAG airbag backpack. A detailed description of how to check the weight of a cartridge can be found in the instruction manual supplied with every AVABAG airbag backpack.

Orotovox AVABAG cartridge safety

If the weight check shows that there is no pressure loss, the cartridge can continue to be used without concern. Cartridges demonstrating loss of pressure can be replaced at a specialist dealer.


– MS