May 17th, 2009

Protect your neck!

Alpinestars and Leatt have come out with neck braces that are comfortable and very unrestrictive to make your day on snow just a little safer.  
Both systems are similar with some minor differences.  Both obviously help protect your neck in case of an impact, but both braces open differently, and of course fit a little differently.  

When it comes to functionality I hear Leatt is second to none with innovative technology and the original creator of the neck support system, they are the “Go To” brand.  However, some people have said they have found the Alpinestars brace more comfortable.  When it comes down to it, I suppose personal preference is the winner because either brace will have saver your neck!  

This year I saw both Brett Turcotte, and Cody Bourchers wearing the braces, and can see a growing trend in the entire motor sport industry especially motocross.  Have a peek at their sites!

Leatt-brace GPX

Alpinestars Brace (Check out the videos below the product review!)

heck out this fitting video for the Leatt-brace: