October 18th, 2017

Reviews: 2017 Snow Bike and Sled Films

Once again, the producers of our favourite genre of action sport have come through, and this year’s 2017 snow bike and sled films are looking better than ever. We’re really excited about the level of quality that backcountry filmmakers are capable of producing these days. It seems to be part experience and know-how, coupled with the emergence of better and more readily available camera equipment like drones, gimbals and stabilizers. Cameras are getting better too, with sensors capable of filming fast frame-rates at very high resolution.

The production value of modern sled films is catching up with the riding—which has been pushing the limits of our sport on-screen all along. We have young guns testing their ability to the brink. There are veterans finding new places to explore and new ways to get there. And we’re seeing more variety of terrain, riding styles and locations than ever before.

Here are our reviews, in alphabetical order. Check back regularly as we add more reviews leading up to riding season!


Reviews: 2017 Snow Bike and Sled Films


509 Volume 12

“As usual, the film is packed with an A-list of top riders from Canada and the US, including: Brett Turcotte, Chris Burandt, Cody Borchers, Riley Suhan, Nadine Overwater, Reagan Sieg, Rob Kincaid, David McClure, Jay Mentaberry, Dan Adams, Sahen Skinner and several more incredibly talented riders. There is also an appearance by everyone’s favourite dirtbag—no, not Larry Enticer, but the original himself—Turkey Reinheardt.”

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Boondockers Fourteen

Boondockers Fourteen showcases a season’s worth of grand sledding adventures, loosely grouped together by the time of year—early season, deep January storms, mid-winter bluebird and the long days of spring. The film’s chronological order is part of—but not primarily—what sets it apart from most other sled films. Warren Miller-sytle narration by Andrew McCarthy adds a touch of storyline, and establishes the tone for each segment of the film. But it’s the style of riding that stands out more than anything else.”

Full Boondockers Fourteen Review here.Teaser


Thunderstruck 16

“You may recognize the intro to Thunderstruck 16 as the film’s teaser, which dropped online during the summer. Its quick-cut action hits hard and will get viewers on the edge of their seats right away. Hits, climbs, jumps, pow and carnage, what more could you want? It’s all there in the sixteenth feature-length release from Team Thunderstruck.”

The full Thunderstruck 16 Review is here.


Trax Uprising

“Trax Uprising doesn’t exist for the sake of a film dedicated to snow bike riders. It’s about so much more than that. It’s a film about sharing a love for riding snow bikes and growing the sport. The film features a variety of top athletes from many different places, including mountainous Western Canada, USA, Quebec and Eastern Canada, and even as far away as Russia. The athletes come from different backgrounds including sledding, snowboarding, skiing and freestyle mx, of course; though their perspective and style are influenced by their roots, they all share the same love of their burgeoning sport. These riders are on the forefront of the snow bike movement, and they are a special part of the reason why it’s catching on like crazy.”


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— MS