October 20th, 2017

Video and Photo Winners of The Calling 2017

The winners of The Calling 2017 Video and Photo Contest were presented at the Alberta Snowmobile and Powersports Show in Edmonton last weekend. The top five entries—as selected by The Calling panel of judges—were screened before an audience of 200+ sledders at the annual 509 film premiere. Selections in both categories were well-received with cheers, laughs and hollars by an enthusiastic crowd.


The Calling 2017 Contest

Entries for both video and photo were narrowed down to the top five selections in each category. These were then evaluated by the panel of judges in 22 categories which measure impact, creativity, subject matter, storytelling, wow! factor, marketability, style and merit/skill.

The panel of judges consisted of well-known industry names, including: Rob Alford, Justin Symes, Gavin Leigh, Jeremy Hanke, Duncan Lee, Nadine Overwater and Rob Hoff.

Here are the winners!


The Calling 2017 Video Winners

Video Challenge First Place

Rider: Brandon Wiesener

Videographer: Tim Grey


Video Challenge Second Place

Rider: Logan Thibodeau

Videographer: Alex Hanson



Video Challenge Third Place

Rider: John Benjamin

Videographer: Blake Scott



The Calling 2017 Photo Winners

Photo Challenge First Place

Photo: Tim Grey

Rider: Brandon Wiesener

The Calling 2017 Winners



Photo Challenge Second Place

Photo: Tim Grey

Rider: Reagan Sieg

The Calling 2017 Winners



Photo Challenge Third Place

Photo: Ryen Dunford

Rider: Cody Matechuk

The Calling 2017 Winners



Stay tuned to and Mountain Sledder for updates on The Calling 2018 to come!


— MS