January 6th, 2015

Road Trip Playlist – MSM6

You can leave for a road trip and forget many things without turning back: toothbrush, maps, gloves and driver’s license. But the one most important thing that must NOT be left behind is the tunes.
Great music can make or break a road trip. I mean, how many times can you listen to the same old story from your friends about that time they woke up in a Mexican jail cell, after leading the Policia on a high speed chase, on a stolen scooter, through the streets of Tijuana, with a one legged hooker named Lupe? Actually, in all fairness, that story never gets old. But, it’s not going to get you motivated in the same way that hearing “Shoot to Thrill” blaring from your truck stereo, at full volume will.

1.  The Roots – Tomorrow. When the weather has you down, music can bring you up a hurry. This track from The Roots will have you feeling better in no time. If that doesn’t work, there’s always booze and fireworks.

2. Weezer – Back to the Shack. It’s go time! This track from Weezer feels almost as good as a Caesar for breakfast. Almost.

3. Swollen Members – Brand New Day. As the drone slowly passes overhead while you’re diggin’ the tranny, dont forget to throw up those cryptic gang signs. Those look sooo tight in the video.

4. Tim Hus – Western Star. If you’re the type that likes both kinds of music: country and western, then this song about big rigs & roadtrippin’ should be right at home as you chow down and take in the views.

5. The War on Drugs – Red Eyes. Its been a long day. All you want is a cold beer and great tunes. This track sounds like the best of Tom Petty and Bob Dylan all rolled into one.

6. The Sword – Lawless Lands. What’s not to like about The Sword? Pounding drums, sweet guitar riffs & lyrics that conjure up images of half naked women riding tigers.

7. JJ Grey & Mofro – Country Ghetto. Whether you know it or not, you are a fan of Southern Swamp Rock. These guys will sound familiar
and new all at the same time.

8. Godsmack – 1000 HP. If the opening of this song doesn’t make you want to tame the horsepower of the nearest machine, just quit. Turn that shit up louder! Make it all go faster!

9. Passafire – Stowaway. This group from Savannah, Georgia blends rock, reggae and dub to create a sound that’s as at home in the mountains as it is at the beach.

10. Alice in Chains – Low Ceiling. Nothing will bring reflection to a trip like a killer guitar riff, in a song you’ve never heard of, halfway through the album, on the long drive home. Let your thoughts expand during this very worthy Alice in Chains effort.