May 7th, 2017

Russian Snowmobile Inventions

In Russia, snowmobile ride you.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and the people of Russia take this phrase to heart more than any other. Whether it be inventing a new form of Russian snowmobile, or just a way to spend the time in a long and harsh winter, Russian creativity is second to none.


What could possibly go wrong here?

This guys is so not concerned about safety that he smokes a dart while testing out his fan-powered sled. Cool as a cucumber.



How about this collapsible Russian snowmobile?

Say it with me in Russian accent, “New Dingo does not tiake up miuch spiace… it weel easily fit in a trunk or a car…” Badass!



Russian screw-propelled tank

It can cross land, water, swamp and snow. Впечатляет! (Is spectacular!)



Winter fan-boat

This invention is apparently unsinkable and can cruise on snow, ice and water at high speed. Awesome!



Our northerly comrades can make even regular snowmobiling fun! Check out these pals getting together for a fun day of vodka and sledding!


— MS