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July 22nd, 2019

Sam Standing – Work Hard, Play Harder

Two-on, two-off: Sam Standing is the embodiment of work hard, play harder. Whether he’s getting after it on his sled, snow bike, trials moto, mountain bike or ripping around in his jet boat, Sam is killing it at life and it all comes down to finding that work/play balance.

Upon moving to Whistler in 2005, the Smithfield, Ontario transplant quickly realized that living in the Sea to Sky corridor requires a solid income. Add motorized recreation to the equation, and that sled, snow bike, parts and fuel drive the cost even higher. Ride hard, ride often, and you’ll go through all those things regularly, which, if that’s your passion, makes a hardy work ethic and a good-paying job a necessity.


Sam Standing by Matthew Mallory

Photo: Matthew Mallory

It’s a long way from Whistler, BC to the mine north of Stewart where Sam works, a trip he makes there and back once a month to fill the bank account. Juggling the cost of living a life in pursuit of fun, and having that fun, Sam has found a balance that finds him spending two weeks spinning wrenches as a heavy equipment mechanic in exchange for two weeks of playtime.

On days off, Sam is one of those quiet, unassuming shredders who sends it for nothing more than the pure love of sending it. He rolls with a solid crew of shredders like Andrew Munster and Wilson Prewitt, which, in itself, speaks volumes about Sam’s ability on a sled.

While Sam is plenty capable of muscling his machine through tech, he also likes to send it big. Pro filmer Aaron Leyland has said that while Sam’s riding is super creative and exciting, he is one of two riders (the other being Munster) who pushes so hard on big features that it makes him nervous to watch. Which is a legitimate concern given that a couple of years ago, going too big sent Sam to the emergency room with a broken back from launching a big drop to an overly flat landing.

Sam’s passion for living life to the fullest and chasing fun on a sled can’t be dampened by setbacks. Poor conditions and obstacles don’t hold him back, and a two-week work stint away from sledding only fuels the fire when he’s home again.


– Matthew

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