August 3rd, 2021

Ski-Doo launches Snow PASS grant program to support grassroots efforts

Ski-Doo is launching a program to support grassroots organizations involved in preserving, renewing and expanding the sport of snowmobiling. The Ski-Doo Snow PASS (Protect, Access, Sustain, Support) Grant Program will offer up to $5,000 in matching funds to national, provincial, state and local associations and clubs engaged in the many activities that ensure the health of the sport.

BRP’s heritage in supporting recreational snowmobiling reaches way back to helping organize the first groomed trail systems. Many things have changed since then, but in the spirit of the original SnoPlan from the 1970s, the Ski-Doo Snow PASS Grant Program is meant to enable and ensure we can continue enjoying our sport in safe, responsible ways by supporting the grassroots organizations that make it all happen.

Some of the main objectives of the program are protecting or increasing access to playgrounds, making snowmobiling more accessible to all, helping clubs re-invent themselves, trail development and safety Initiatives. Clubs are invited to submit their projects via the online application form (links below) and will be notified by October 15th if their project will be funded.

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Grant Program Basics:

  • Organizations submitting an application must be a non-profit or government organization
  • Grants are limited to a maximum of $5,000 per request
  • There must be matching funds of at least the same amount as requested from other sources