October 31st, 2016

Sledfarm Collective in Fernie

Ever since Logan Thibodeau was a young sledder he had dreams of becoming a sponsored rider, and getting photos in magazines. Now, at thirty years of age, it has become a reality. However, like all other athletes with aspirations of rising to the top, Logan figured out early that he can’t do it alone. Especially when factoring in the unpredictability of Mother Nature. Let’s face it, the backcountry can be a very dangerous place for the uneducated. Enter Sledfarm.

Rider: Logan Thibodeau Photo: Alex Hanson

Sledfarm started from a tight knit group of experienced backcountry riders that evolved into a platform for Logan and friends to boost their presence in the snowmobile world. Taking it one step further for the 2016/17 season, Sledfarm opened its doors to help expose unknown up-and-coming riders to the media and manufacturers, bridging the gap between amateur and pro.
“The plan is to film a series of webisodes; killer sledding mixed with gear/product reviews, how to videos on parts installation, sled maintenance, and a behind the scenes look at the world of sledding,” says chief photographer Alex Hanson. “Top notch media, new gear, and up-and-coming riders will converge in our own backcountry laboratory,” added Logan, “I can’t wait to see what happens next!”

 Secret log jumps in Fernie BC

Sledfarm is based in Fernie, BC where amazing pow and endless tree riding provide an incredible sledding experience; groups can book rider sessions through the sledfarm.ca website. “Whether it’s a clinic on building big ramps and sticking the landing, or threading steep tree lines, or getting up to an alpine vista and capturing the whole thing on film,” Logan says Sledfarm has you covered. “We had this crazy idea to build some wooden kickers in the summer, but last year the snow at that elevation wasn’t quite right making them unsafe to hit, and you gotta know when to walk away, but this upcoming season looks like it’s going to be the year we’re finally going to be able to try them out.”

Stay tuned to sledfarm.ca to see what happens next…
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