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Polaris Hillclimbers Dominate 2021 Jackson Hole World Championship

Polaris hillclimbers dominate Jackson Hole, winning every Pro Stock and Pro Improved Stock class as well as three of four Pro Modified classes.

Can Snowbikes and Sleds Co-exist in Harmony?

It's become clear in the last couple of years that a snowbike can be taken into tight, lower elevation trees that you wouldn't dream of trying on your sled. But on the flip-side,…

My Riding Journal – Jon Jean

This winter I decided to keep a riding journal of my sledding season. It's been fun to look back and see some of the highlights!

Keith Curtis Interview

Keith Curtis is kind of like the Tiger Woods of hillclimb racing, minus all the scandal. Like Tiger, he has dominated his respective sport at a young age, earning over 140 1st place finishes, 51…

509 – Volume 9 – Behind the Lens – Season 2, Episode 3 (Jackson Hole)

Here’s an inside look at the 2014 Jackson Hole Hill event produced by 509.