Gear Spotlight
October 27th, 2017

TOBE Jackets 2018 Uninsulated Outerwear Lineup

There are a variety of different styles of TOBE jackets available for 2018. Between the uninsulated jackets, the insulated jackets and the selection of mono suits available, we were starting to get a little confused! So when Greg from TOBE stopped by our office, we asked him to stand in front of the camera to help clarify the lineup for us and our readers.

Here’s his rundown on the lineup of uninsulated TOBE jackets available for 2018. We asked Greg to explain those in particular for a couple of reasons.

1) Mountain riding requires a high-level of exertion. For that, an uninsulated shell is the right choice.

2) TOBE is well known for its mono suits. We already know quite a bit about them from a long-term review that we’ve done in the past. But we don’t know nearly as much about TOBE jackets. So it was a great opportunity for us to find out more.

TOBE Jackets 2018 Uninsulated Outerwear Lineup

There are three jacket styles featured—the Ludo Jacket, the Novo Jacket and the Fingo Jacket, which is tailored specifically for women.

But we’ll leave the details to Greg. Here’s the video!

For more information, check out TOBE’s website.

And stay tuned to for more product feature videos to come this season including outerwear, helmets, boots, googles, avalanche safety equipment and other sledding gear!

— MS