March 30th, 2013

Riding Tip: Carving

You know when you’re carving down the mountain, and you or your buddy falls over on their side because they carved too hard? Well, here is how not to end up on your side, stuck.


Riding Tip: Carving

The main reason people are not able to bring the sled back over is because they’ve stuck their hips out way too far to the side while they are turning, and boom, they’re stuck.

When I initiate a turn—depending on how deep the snow is—my knees are bent, with my body centered over the sled. I use the skis along with the throttle to initiate the carve, and once under the powder I counter-steer and give more throttle. This will pop you back up, ready for the next turn.


Riding Tip Carving

Tom Cepek keeping his body centred for smooth carving. Photos by Jordan Baker.


I do use my hips a tiny bit with less steering when there are grabby layers in the snow. That way the skis don’t get caught under the crusty layer. But if it’s bottomless, blower snow then I keep my body almost like a stick and let the skis and throttle do all the work.

Remember, sticking your ass out will only get you stuck!


– Tom Cepek