March 6th, 2015

Tough Snow Conditions – The Hunt for Powder

A common theme this season has been poor snow conditions for sledding. Above normal temps and below normal precipitation have left us all thirsty for those deep days. But there is still powder to be had for those of us who are willing to get out there and hunt for it.


Pow slashes that are more recent than you think.

Round up an experienced crew, bust out the laptop and have a google earth huddle. Where can we ride? Is sledding permitted? What’s access like? Is there avy exposure? It might not even be the most remote zone where the fresh powder is at, sometimes it’s easier to find than you think, but the key is adapting to the conditions and not jamming out because things get tough. -Brandon Weisner


PC: Brandon Wiesener R: Shane Hansen

The reward for our work…