April 4th, 2018

Yamafest MY2019 Demo Takes Place April 7 at Boulder Mountain

Snowmobile enthusiasts will once again flock to Revelstoke for Yamaha’s annual event. Yamafest 2019 takes place April 7, 2018 at Boulder Mountain near Revelstoke, BC.

As in years past, the event is organized as a opportunity for Yamaha dealers and customers to come together to ride the latest four-stroke power from the OEM. But the event is much more than that. It’s a rare opportunity to meet and chat with Yamaha managers and product specialists. Also on hand will be Yamaha Snowmobile and Snow Bike X Games athletes Brock Hoyer and Cody Matechuk. Finally, Yamafest 2019 is just a fun way to spend a day in the mountains as the riding season slowly draws to a close for many riders.


Yamafest 2019



Yamafest 2019 Demo Takes Place April 7 at Boulder Mountain, Revelstoke

Sledders with interest in hopping aboard a MY2018 or MY2019 sled should reach out to their Yamaha dealer for a chance to demo one of the new units on the day. However, riders who happen to be in the area on the day may also have the opportunity to demo a new sled. Both MY2019 LE (spring-order only) and in-season models will be on hand.

MY2019 Yamaha Sidewinder M-TX LE models will feature improved, streamlined “Stealth” handlebar ergos. On the brake side, these include a new, more protected master cylinder placement and a tech, mountain-bike style “shorty” brake level which offers improved braking performance and touch.


Yamafest 2019


Over on the throttle side, the lever is also more streamlined, with a smaller span between the lever and the bar at the closed position. Finally, the killswitch is now a tidy, independent piece.


Yamafest 2019


Yamafest 2019 Demos

The group will meet up at the Boulder Mountain Cabin at 10:00am and proceed to the Sugar Bowl area. Demos of the Yamaha Sidewinder M-TX 162 will take place there from 10:30am to 2pm.

In order to participate, sledders must provide their own transportation (snowmobile) up to the site at Sugar Bowl on Boulder Mountain. Trail fees of $25 per person will be in effect. Rider who wish to demo a sled must sign a waiver in order to do so. Full riding gear and a valid driver’s license are also required.


Yamafest 2019



See you there!

– MS