February 27th, 2017

Yamaha 2018 Snowmobiles Unveiled

Ever since a co-branding agreement between Yamaha and Arctic Cat was inked back in 2013, the two companies have had no choice but to reveal shared technology in their own new product launches. Typically it’s Arctic Cat that reveals first, then Yamaha a day later. This year is no exception, and so we already had a good idea what to expect going into the Yamaha 2018 snowmobile unveiling.

However, Yamaha does like to keep an ace up its sleeve, as it did for MY2017 with the reveal of the factory turbo-powered 4-stroke Sidewinder. Let’s find out what’s in the cards for 2018! As always, we’re going to look exclusively at the products and technology that will interest mountain sledders.


Yamaha 2018 Snowmobiles


Yamaha 2018 Sidewinder M-TX


Yamaha 2018


Upgraded Chassis

The Yamaha mountain sled chassis is built by Arctic Cat, so we knew that it would look similar to what is offered in 2018 by AC. Yamaha calls it the “New Mountain Ergonomics”. That means it’s going to handle similar to the 2017 Mountain Cat, but with more weight that comes with a four-stroke powerplant.




It also means it’s got the drop rolled chain case and tunnel that is required to fit a 2.6″ Power Claw track under there.

The 2018 Sidewinder M-TX sports Fox FLOAT QS3 with QSL lockout shocks for premium ride performance on its LE models.


20170202-yamaha-revy-0072 (1)


It’s got the 998cc Genesis Turbo powerplant that pushes 180+hp at all elevations. That performance engine carries over from 2017 and has be tried and tested to be true.


Model Variations

The M-TX will be available in 153″ and 162″ track lengths as usual. Standard colors will be Yamaha’s blue/white combo, as well as a grey/chartreuse scheme that is not all that far removed from both the 2018 Ski-doo Freeride and the 2018 Arctic Cat M8000. A sexy blacked-out version will be available in the 153″ length.


18_SRS_MTX_153_Black_4x6_300DPI (1)




18_SRS_MTX_SE_162_Chartreuse_profile (1)






It’s the 50th anniversary of Yamaha Snowmobiles, and so the company is making available a Limited Edition Sidewinder M-TX with a red/white colourway that looks pretty sharp.


Yamaha 2018




Although not something you’d likely want to take into the mountains, Yamaha has brought back its revered SnoScoot for 2018, which will help develop the next generation of mountain riders.


Yamaha 2018 Sno Scoot


Yamaha 2018 SnoScoot






50th Anniversary

Check out this cool look back at Yamaha snowmobiles throughout the years!



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