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February 10th, 2021

2021 Yamaha Mountain Max Review

We've been putting miles on a 2021 Yamaha Mountain Max all winter, and we figured it was time to share our opinions on the mountain sled with a review.

This winter marks the first year that Yamaha has brought a 2-stroke mountain sled back to market since…we can’t even remember when, it’s been that long. 2004? Anyway, that’s beside the point.

We’ve been fortunate enough to be offered a loaner sled from Yamaha this winter, and naturally our preferred sled is the Mountain Max LE 165 configuration.

For those who haven’t had the opportunity to ride the Mountain Max since Yamaha brought it back for 2021, we thought we’d share our thoughts with this video review. Check it out below!

But first, here’s a list of some of the product highlights, as listed on the Yamaha Motor Canada website.

  • 165 HP Class 2-Stroke Engine
  • Mountain Single Beam Suspension
  • Fox 1.5 Zero QS3 and QSL Shocks
  • 165″ x 3″ lug x 3.5″ pitch Power Claw Track
  • Drop Rolled Chaincase and Tunnel
  • TEAM Drive System
  • Electronic Reverse

For more specific details, check out our 2021 Yamaha reveal story. Otherwise, carry on to the video below!

You can also watch a video of our very first ride on a prototype 2021 Mountain Max LE back in the Spring of 2020, here.

Thanks for watching, and stay tuned for more new snowmobile model info and reviews, right here at sleddermag.com!


– MS

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