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September 23rd, 2018

5 Things Sledders Should Do Right Now

Summer is gasping its last breath, and for us sledders this means we are getting revved up for a new season. Many of us are looking for the next great performance mod or perhaps some new riding gear. We are probably also planning to master a new maneuver or a trick that has been eluding us. While these plans and goals are easy to get excited about, there are some important housekeeping items you really should do first. Some of these will help you achieve your goals anyway, so why not get started early. Here are 5 things sledders should do right now.

5 Things Sledders Should Do Right Now

 1. Find a Snowmobile Show or Event and Make Plans to Attend

There are all kinds of events to choose from depending on where you live, from trade shows to movie premieres. These events are always fun and can give you some great ideas on what you need for snowmobile or gear upgrades. As an added bonus you get to spend some time talking to other sledheads about our passion.

Go hang out meet guys like Matt Entz at a snowmobile event this fall.

2. Purchase a New Sled Movie or DVD

Whatever kind of riding you like (yes even the snow bikers in the crowd) there is a movie out there that will satisfy you, from climbing chutes or tree hustling to jumps and freestyle. Sure there is some content available for free, but a full length DVD or digital download that is available to play anytime—without streaming and burning up data—is simply better. (I play them in the background while working in the shop instead of only listening to music). These filmmakers work their tails off to bring us top quality entertainment and push the limits of our sport—the least we can do is support them.

 3. Join a Club

Even if you don’t ride your local club’s traditional trail network or areas, join anyway. Clubs are constantly working in the background to keep riding areas open and to further the safety and quality of our sport. One of a club’s biggest hurdles is showing the powers that be that we have large enough numbers to take our sport seriously. Getting your name on a club’s roster is a tremendous help even if you have no plans on attending a meeting or club event—they are still fighting for your areas to ride.  Find a BCSF club near you.


Even if you don’t ride a club’s trails, it’s worth joining up to help defend our right to ride.


 4. Talk to a Newbie About Snowmobiling

The larger the world of sledding is, the greater its viability is. We need a constant influx of new riders and sledheads to help us keep moving forward. Make plans to take someone out who hasn’t ridden before—whether it’s your spouse, a friend, a buddy from work—anyone who you think may enjoy all of the benefits that snowmobiling has to offer. You may even end up with a new riding partner out of it!


Get new people interested in snowmobiling, be it a co-worker, your spouse or a future sledhead.


 5. Book an Avalanche Training Course

Avalanche safety courses have quickly become one of the most important tools in our safety arsenal. If you have already taken your AST1 then maybe it’s time for a refresher course. Or consider upgrading to a Managing Avalanche Terrain or even the AST2 course if you live in Canada. For those in the United States, check out the AIARE courses for snowmobilers.  If you’re like many people, you have been saying “I’m taking an avy course this year!” for five or ten seasons now. Quit procrastinating and book it.


5 things sledders should do

Plan to brush up on your skills or gain some new ones this winter.


While you are waiting for the snow to arrive, these actions will help you to get ready for a safer, more enjoyable snowmobile season. The added bonus is that you will be helping our sport continue to thrive. It’s a winning combination that will ensure that everyone can continue to enjoy what snowmobiling is all about for many years to come!

– Marty