November 26th, 2013

BCSF why?

Many of you guys buy “Season Trail Passes” each year, but do you really know where that money goes?  Do you care?  You should!  If your club is a part of the BCSF a certain percentage of that money goes directly to the local Club to go towards cabin maintenance, fire wood, kiosks, signage, etc.  Some of the money goes towards keeping those trails smooth and clear of dead fall, ie. grooming and some minor summer maintenance, but the part that goes to the BCSF could be the most important part of your fee…
This money goes towards lobbying the government into keeping our snowmobile areas open, and fighting to open new areas up!  It is easy to take for granted the massive cost associated with having a snowmobile representative at these meetings giving us a voice.
Support your local club, and support the British Columbia Snowmobile Federation!